50 Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner

coupleWe’re all so busy with life’s commitments, whether it be work, study, children, family etc. that sometimes it’s easy to let time pass without spending time with our partners to be affectionate, intimate and loving. Whilst we may be talking to our partners about schedules, commitments and finances, it’s important in a happy and long-lasting relationship to make small emotional connections each day with our partners to show that we do cherish and love them.

After 50 years of marriage you have to decide which is better to strengthen your relationship – 50 simple ideas or a fancy gift from goldenweddinganniversarygifts.com for your golden wedding anniversary.

Here are the 50 ideas for you to connect with your partner that don’t take a lot of energy or money. Pick the ones that suit you both and adjust for your own relationship.

  1. Focus on your partner when they’re talking, put your phone or tablet down.
  2. Dance outdoors when you’re on a walk or in any open space that’s relaxing
  3. Leave a love note in their pocket, bag or purse.
  4. Send a romantic message by text.
  5. Offer a shoulder massage
  6. Share a shower or bath
  7. Wake 5 minutes before you need to get up to cuddle.
  8. Reminisce about your first memorable dates.
  9. Watch your favourite comedian online and laugh together.
  10. Surprise your partner by dancing with them when a song you both like is playing
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How to Measure Yourself Before Buying a Custom Suit Online

suitBuying clothing is a necessity. Many times better deals are found online. This day and age saving money is a must for most budgets. Those who need more expensive attire, such as a suit, really benefit from buying online. It can save them hundreds of dollars. Once you’ve selected the perfect suit, how do you know it will fit? Most people don’t have time to send things back and order another size if the original doesn’t fit. Most people need stuff right now. Getting correct measurements the first time is a must. Read below to find out how to do this the right way.

You’ll need to know your height and weight. While this won’t figure the exact size of the suit, it’s a great place to start. Next put on a dress shirt before continuing. This will guarantee a proper fitting jacket. Over your arms from shoulder to shoulder, measure this width. This measurement should be behind the back. Hold the take snug but not tight when measuring. Next without flexing, measure your chest. Next from the point on your shoulder where you measured your shoulder width, pull the tape down your arm and measure your arm. If purchasing a dress shirt to wear with the suit, measure your neck.

measurementPut on a pair of shoes next. When measuring for pants, it’s important to do so wearing shoes. This affects your posture and height. You don’t want to order pants that are too short. Measure your hips. Firmly hold the tape while measuring. Do not hold it to tight. Depending on the style of pants you’re ordering, measure your waist. Next measure your outseam. This is the measurement from your hip to ankle. Next measure your outseam. This is the measurement from your groin to the middle of your foot.

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How To Choose A Wedding Suit


A wedding is an important event in a person’s life. Everyone has to look their best. While the bride is the star the groom should look dapper and classy as well. There are some tips on how to choose a wedding suit that will look great and fit properly.

Buy, Not Rent

When looking to save money many men choose to rent a suit. It is better to buy a suit for a wedding. This way the man can have it tailored to meet their specific size. They can have the sleeves altered as well as other features for a perfect fit. Having the suit properly tailored will make all the difference.

Select a Fine Fabric

When purchasing a suit for a wedding a fine fabric will help the suit keep its shape. Blended material may look slouchy and shapeless. Selecting a high quality material will help the man look his best and will keep the suit fitting properly all day.

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Male Anniversary-Wear


So it’s your wedding anniversary. This means that chances are good you’re in for a pleasant dinner at a fancy restaurant in celebration of the event. This also probably means your spouse has been spending anywhere from hours to days primping and prepping, in an effort to look good for you on your date. So it’s only fair that you reciprocate the gesture and put in a little extra effort into your appearance as well. Here are a few basic rules when picking out your attire for your special evening, because girls go crazy for a sharp-dressed man.

Partial Formal

When trying to look nice for a wedding anniversary, it’s important to find a balance with how you look to prevent being over and under dressed. The best way to do this is to combine elements from male formal wear and casual attire. A button up shirt layered under a vest is always flattering. Or if you’re wearing some kind of pull-over shirt, try pairing it with a well tailored blazer. Proceed with caution when choosing pants. Even though everyone love jeans, they rarely can create a high-class look that appropriately matches a high-class establishment.

Business Too Casual

Just because you’re wearing a tie and button up shirt, doesn’t make you ready for the ball. The standard crisp button up shirt and business suit is pretty far from an exciting look. While it may be a step up from a t-shirt and jeans, it’s not at all that fashion savvy. Try using nontraditional colors instead of whites and pastels. You want to look like you’re going somewhere special, not going to work. This makes for a good opportunity to experiment with color which, believe it or not, can have a major impact on a man’s appearance.


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